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Heat Therapy

Get ready for a slimmer, healthier body with The Body Perfect's Instant Inchloss Treatment in Bangalore. The Body Perfect Cosmetic Clinic offers holistic approach towards overall wellness and health through complete body detoxification. Weight loss procedure is carried out naturally through breaking-down of fat cells and its subsequent lymphatic drainage.

Heat Therapy Treatment in Bangalore

What is Heat Therapy?

Heat therapy is a process of eliminating waste compounds from the body on a regular basis. The heat therapy technique pumps in extra energy required by our immune system to accelerate the process of eliminating toxins from our body.

Who should opt for the Heat Therapy?

Individuals who are not able to reduce body weight even after regular exercise and diet control. Heat therapy is a natural way to get rid of fat and stubborn cellulite painlessly and instantly.

What are the expected results?

Heat therapy methods are the best solutions for losing body fat. Consequently, the human body gets a strong tendency to gradually move towards a healthy lifestyle.

Who cannot opt for the Heat Therapy

Results might vary from person to person. During an initial consultation, the doctor will suggest you to go for the heat therapy treatment or recommend alternate slimming methods.

The Science of Heat Therapy

Unlike other sauna therapies in which the benefit is derived from sweating, heat therapy methods are targeted to improve the immune system. In sauna, the body excretes unwanted waste products via sweat but heat therapy focuses on removal of waste by eliminating toxins from the body.

Our sweat composition includes a variety of toxins including diverse chemicals, pesticides and heavy metals. When the body is heated, the heart rate increases and the skin blushes, bringing blood closer to the surface. Heat therapy accelerates the natural process of eliminating toxins from the body called lipolysis. Toxins that are locked in the fat tissues are released into the blood stream in a process called mobilization. Some of these toxins and colons are sweated out through the skin, and the rest are delivered to the liver and kidneys by the bloodstream and eliminated through urine and feces.

Nutritional support and ample hydration complements a sauna detox technique and increases its success rate.